The Geoff Stevens Memorial Poetry Prize 2016


The Geoff Stevens Memorial Poetry Prize 2016






Hannah Stone – Missing Miles

Nicola Warwick – The Knifethrower’s Wish-List



Highly Commended


Kerry Darbishire – Sweet on my Tongue

Dominic Fisher – Allotments

Thelma Laycock – The Blue-Gold Day

Lesley Quayle – The Fractured Earth





Ruth Aylett – Advanced Monkeys

Janis Clark – Still in Print

Rachel Donati – The View: two thousand and sixteen

Roger Harvey – Best and Loveliest

Mara Scrupe – Anamnesis/In the Absence Of Light

Sally Spedding – Sacrifice

E. K. Wall – Bone-bare



Congratulations to Hannah and Nicola and huge thanks to all who made

this competition so successful. Judged anonymously, the competition received a remarkable number of entries with the standard being outstanding.

We applaud everyone for their endeavours and thank you for making the final decision extremely difficult!

The winning collections will be published in June 2017.








Geoff Stevens was born at West Bromwich 4th June 1942. He worked as an industrial chemist until 1995.

In 1976 he launched his own poetry magazine, Purple Patch,  a successful and long-running magazine, called 'a national treasure' by The Guardian, which closed with his death in February 2012.

Geoff was also a successful poet in his own right being published in many magazines both in UK and overseas. We were lucky enough to be his friend and publisher, his last Indigo publication, Sleeping With You, being published just one month before he died. He saw it, he loved it, and wrote: "I’m glad that Indigo Dreams is so busy – it means the UK’s best poetry publisher is being successful." Totally over the top, but hey, who cares?

A great lover of poetry, a great man to know. We will keep his name alive as long as Indigo Dreams continues to exist.

Geoff Stevens 04/06/1942 - 02/02/2012