the cartographer / Heswall


Jim Bennett is the author of 71 books, including books for children, books of poetry and many technical titles on transport and examinations.  


He taught Creative Writing at the University of Liverpool and other Universities and has won many awards for his writing and performance including 3 DADAFest awards and is managing editor of one of the world’s most successful internet sites for poets.  


His poetry collections include:

Drums at New Brighton  (Lifestyle 1999)  

Down in Liverpool (CD)  (Long Neck  2001)

The Man Who Tried to Hug Clouds  (Bluechrome  2004 reprinted 2006)

Larkhill   (Searle Publishing 2009)


the cartographer / Heswall


Jim Bennett


ISBN 978-1-909357-01-3


Indigo Dreams Publishing


Poetry Sequence


138 x 216mm


32 pages


£4.99 + P&P UK


November publication.











“I was drawn in and captivated by the almost-fairytale charm of these delightful poems, but I was held by their pared-back simplicity, as clean and quiet as truth.”

Maggie Butt


“Following John Berryman’s Henry, Zbigniew Herbert’s Mr. Cogito, and Marvin Bell’s Dead Man, the cartographer is Jim Bennett’s alter ego: one passing through life with maps, “in the only dimensions he would ever really understand.” Bennett’s lines are as precise and clean as the cartographer’s own renderings – whether on vellum or the backs of his dog and his wife – a way to control his world, until sat navs and GPS tragically make his skills superfluous.”

Norbert Hirschhorn MD



Two sequence poems - the first in the





the cartographer’s dog


to show his great skill to his visitors

the cartographer

shaved his dog

exposed the mottled cream skin

set to work

drawing a scale map of the country

then turned it into a tattoo

on the dog’s back


when it was done he admired it

there he said now he will always know

where he is.

and everyone will know whose dog he is


and just so there was no doubt

the cartographer

showed them his wife’s bare back

and the map he had drawn so lovingly

and tattooed into place



From Heswall



this morning

the winter sun


was low in the sky


long lazy shadows

hugged the ground


as the sunshine warmed us


we had a long walk

across the common


then back along Telegraph Road


over the rolling land


as we watched traffic pass

and heard the slow effort of cyclists


we topped a hill


with one more rise to come

one more small effort to reach home



Jim Bennett


the cartographer / Heswall