Indigo Dreams Pamphlet Prize 2017







John Foggin – Advice to a traveller

Amy Kinsman – &


Highly Commended


Sharon Larkin-Jones – Interned at the Food Factory

Suzy Miles – Skittering

Leslie Tate – When Sparks Fly

Louise Warren – Birdlife




Rosie Barrett – Scrubbed Daily

Ian Dudley – Business Class

Robin Gilbert – The Lighthouse

Antony Mair – Chains

Beth McDonough – Six Riddles Hex their Riddler



Congratulations to Amy and John and huge thanks to all who made

this competition so successful (and difficult to adjudicate!).

Judged anonymously, the competition received more entries than any previous IDP competition, with the majority worthy of publication.

Congratulations to all who took the brave step of entering.


The winning pamphlets will be published by August 2018.





The Thin Places

Scrubbed Daily

Bringing Home the Himalayas



Five Year Diary

The colour of blood


Interned at the Food Factory

The Unsullied Stigma

Six Riddles Hex their Riddler’s Intent

Egg-Timed Lives

When Sparks Fly

Old Wound

Learning to have Lost

Please do not touch the artworks

An Inuit tells his son the story of the ghost ship

Advice to a traveller

A Multitude of Shades

Dancing Under a Bloodless Moon

Stench of Life

Special Guardian

Straw Dogs

Business Class

Deadfalls & Totems



Burnt Wings

Cradle of Bones

The Lighthouse




2016 Winners


Kitty Coles – Seal Wife

John Gallas – 17 Very Pacific Poems















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Please note that the annual Geoff Stevens Memorial Poetry Prize is now OPEN