Charlie Baylis 


is from Nottingham, England. He is the Poetry Editor of Review 31 and Assistant Editor of Broken Sleep Books. He has published two pamphlets Elizabeth (Agave Press) and hilda doolittle´s carl jung t-shirt (Erbacce).


Charlie's poetry has been nominated twice for the Pushcart Prize and once for the Forward Prize.


He spends his spare time completely adrift of reality.





138 x 216mm


30 pages


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ISBN 978-1-910834-99-2


PUB: 07/01/2019










at first it felt like flying


Charlie Baylis   Andrew Taylor



This pamphlet is a collaboration between two poets over twelve days in summer 2017. It responds, it alludes and it lives individually and collectively.



is a comet    she collides with a poem

about the realist movement in italian cinema

i get it      i think there were many great films


rebecca tastes of the beach at midnight     i

watch wave by wave wave by in the blue of her eyes

i lick her legs      rebecca is not a comet


rebecca works in a sweet shop     drips acid

onto reels      her passion for pearl is peach    she says

pistachio always tastes like the moon






the itch hits a glitch  

blues shades wrap around my sunglasses       i miss

take       a hymn for the wind i live  


in a moonlit laundrette under the sea

where there are many tails in the water

tails like who sucked off who in the cinema    tails of realism


with the name spelt clever like the ella in umbrella     (ella

ella)       sperm     the product of mimesis        watch this space

as it splits     below you    above you      beyond you




rose ii


jack    this is where we met

at first it felt like flying

my heart was pounding the whole time


jack put your hands on me

when the ship docks    i'm getting off with you

and    if you jump     i jump


immaculate bastards      mathematical certainty

raw money     hardened by china         in the sweetshop glow

i have seen an iceberg     i have seen an iceberg in your eyes


i.m. Tom Raworth


Where can we go when we retire?

which hold me down by my head?


experience perhaps

shooting along (alone)

stockings because the word means what comes to mind

and turn

time: art is beamed to those antenna education should tune

rumours of the present (any present) then deja vu is a true

doppler effect






skirts around the tomato plants

before pinching out    Kevin showed

her the way


On the gravel drive a shape is left

when a car departs    It's easy to

count individual stones


Juno plays the stereo loudly

she says it helps       the tomatoes

especially when it rains






cosy & casual        origins in coffee

the espresso machine was an innovation


beans on toast & Coca-Cola as payment


south of the equator      carpet seems

unnecessary 49 species to choose from


like lavender mist the eye is drawn to horizons


a cello melody       piano refrain

sequencing is a part like hand movement







9781910834992 Andrew amend cb high res amend

Andrew Taylor


is the author of two full collections

of poetry, Radio Mast Horizon and March (Shearsman Books) and numerous pamphlets.


He lives and works in Nottingham, where he is a senior lecturer in Creative Writing and English.