Chrissy Banks

The Univited

‘What lives in shadow is always seeking a gap.’ In this collection, the unexpected enters in various forms, welcome or unwelcome. With psychological acuteness Banks’s searching, poignant poems unsettle, provoke and amuse. What is ‘uninvited’ changes the poet and her various subjects through experiences of conflict, joy and grief. Love, loss and a search for identity and meaning are attendant themes, while resolution comes through understanding and acceptance.

ISBN 978-1-912876-13-6
70 pages
£9.99 +P&P


Chrissy Banks grew up in the Isle of Man and now lives and writes in Exeter. She previously worked as a psychodynamic counsellor and trainer and has an interest in the link between writing and health. Her last collection was ‘Days of Fire and Flood’ from 2005.



“These are remarkable poems, unshowy but compelling, powergb(255, 0, 0) by wry perceptiveness yoked to generosity of spirit; here are Manx childhood memories, loves early and late, celebrations and self-doubt, quizzical travelling in a world where ‘each of us guards/at least one colour/no-one else can see’ – a lifetime’s beguiling narratives.”
Alastair Paterson
“Skilled and articulate, raw but never straining for effect, empathetic but never sentimental – each story is simply allowed to unfold itself in its own unique and apparently inevitable way. ‘The Uninvited’ is a grippingly ‘moreish’ book.”
Sue Boyle