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moor or less


Dawn Bauling       Ronnie Goodyer



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All preorders received before 31st March 2020 will be dedicated and signed by Dawn and Ronnie





Early year view


Here in my slow

cup of rock

I will trade spray

with rain, fret

with fog,  the black spew

of mussel beards

sooting my seat.

Shells grow quietly

as love given later.

When I watch you

I am finding days

I have yet to spend

and burying them inner;


I want to double knot

this view, this secrecy

around your year’s waist,

remind you

under cloud,

within everything like us

the best is waiting.






Under camera-stars and gossip-trees,

enclosed in love and love of things,

I can rest informed and protected.


The fussy bee with his golden knees

leaves its sedum patch to dance on my hand

telling me where the first buds are appearing.

The dragons of the air hover emerald

iridescence from six feet away,

happy that the clay pool has refilled.

The pearl fritillary tells me her family

have moved here for the scabious and loosestrife

now their old home is empty warehousing.


Away from home the galleries are harboring art.

Away from home the museums are embalming literature.

Away from home a soldier walks towards us

through a field of dead or dying flowers,

half-buries his rifle, barrel open to the sky,

plants it with papaver rhoeas, before

continuing his search for the perfect rose.



Dawn Bauling is a graduate in both English and Library Science. She has won several poetry awards, been published widely in the poetry press and has two published collections: ‘Loud Voices in the Quiet Child’ (2008) and ‘Shippen’ (2014). She is co-director of Indigo Dreams, is editor of Sarasvati and Dawntreader magazines and with Ronnie was awarded the Ted Slade Award for Services to Poetry. She also works for the NHS as a Social Prescriber.


Ronnie Goodyer is Indigo Dreams co-director with six collections to his name. He ran his own Celebrity Management company where he handled projects for Uri Geller, cricketers Ian Botham and 'Jack' Russell, and DJ Mike Read among others. He published Uri’s first novel ‘Shawn’, Jack Russell's 'A Cricketer's Art' and poetry by Mike Read. He was on the BBC Judging Panel for their Off By Heart poetry competition (BBC2).   Ronnie is also Poet-in-Residence for animal welfare charity League Against Cruel Sports.

“Dawn Bauling is a poet or rare lyricism and careful observation. She approaches each poem like a gift she has just opened with wide-eyed wonder and the joy of being alive.”

Chrys Salt


"Walking through Ronnie's poetic landscapes is like discovering a new set of senses"..."reading his poems you come face-to-face with the poet’s soul"... "his poetry just takes my breath away"



"You two give so generously in everything you do, shepherd an enormous family of poets, publish with a breadth and acceptance that I think is unique. You also give me at least a glimpse into how to live life to the full, with your hard work times and your wonderful breaks away that you share as you share so much else. I love and admire you so much."

Ginny Sullivan

(Deceased and sadly missed)

Crackington Haven


The pebbles point fingers to the cliffs

and the contour cliff-faces lead to the sea.

Here in Gaia’s birthing pools we ascend the valley,

lulled by the song of Spring’s silver-paper water,

a solo song for many voices, patterned by tree-light

and scented by the green promise of East Wood.


We walk with shadows of Clare, Frost and Marlowe,

see through their eyes the cushioning scented moss trail

crushed to jewelled water droplets by our thirsty boots

until we emerge blinking into new light, surfacing

with the wild goats whose trackways lead

the uninitiated to the fierce fall of Cambeak.


We tread the rise and fall of catkin hedgerows,

respect the treachery of each wind-edged boulder and stone

until the welcome harmony of sea and sand, where

the white breakers are cleaning the canvas of footprints and paws,

smoothing anew for tomorrow’s painters

who are waiting in anticipation and holiday sandals.





Blue Drift


Quarried like granite

dug out diamond

or unlucky opal,

you have exposed

a vein in me

that is brighter,

more luminous

than any prospector told.


The stone freed,

has been knocked,

chipped, ground

between boulders

to its mica.

That which seemed

sea glass or feldspar

has become sapphire


gathered in the hand

of a man

walking at tide-time

in flotsam.