‘In the holding’ has three connected sections, each considering how we can hold the gifts given to us, of love, communication and our mortal human life, with honesty and integrity – even when life is hard. The book follows a journey which becomes increasingly clearly a journey of faith – faith in the love that we all are.


Jacci grew up around Accrington, Lancashire, before studying ‘human sciences’ at Oxford University. She overcame a brain tumour and skin cancer, co-founded a charity for disabled children in Vietnam (The Kianh Foundation), and began to focus increasingly on spiritual understanding at its simplest – that God is Love. ‘In the holding’ is her second poetry collection, created alongside a new non-fiction book ‘Talking God – Daring to Listen’ (Lion Hudson) about the importance of listening to others for us to find our own beliefs.



ISBN 978-1-912876-14-3
70 pages
£8.99 +P&P

Jacci Bulman

In the holding

“The casual, colloquial voice of Jacci Bulman’s poetry is deceptively simple and easy to listen to. She has a compassionate eye that analyses human dilemmas and complex issues, setting them out on the page with a clarity of expression that disguises a mastery of rhythm and form.”
Kathleen Jones