Kate Garrett was born in southwestern Ohio in 1980, but has lived in the UK since 1999. At the age of three she fell in love with reading and writing, and after an eventful childhood and young adult life – during which she never stopped reading and writing, but had no real direction – she finally got her BA (Hons) in Creative Writing with first class honours from Sheffield Hallam University in 2014.


She is the author of the books Minor Things (2014), Bewitched (Pankhearst, Kindle single, 2014), The names of things unseen (published as part of Caboodle, Prolebooks, 2015) and Bewitched and Other Stories (Pankhearst, 2015). Kate’s work appears here and there, online and in print, in a variety of publications, such as Blood Moon Rising Magazine, Cahoodaloodaling, After the Pause, The Fem, Prole, Cactus Heart Literary Magazine, and The Copperfield Review, and her work has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize. She’s also performed many readings in cities across the UK, including Sheffield, Manchester, Oxford and London.


In January 2015 she founded Three Drops Press, which publishes poetry and fiction based around folklore, mythology, legends, and fairytales, and is home of the webzine Three Drops from a Cauldron. She is also the senior editor for poetry and flash fiction at Pankhearst, which includes editing the Slim Volume series of themed anthologies, and running the Fresh and Fresh Featured blog series for emerging and unpublished poets. She also hosts Three Drops Press open mic events six times a year in Sheffield, where any writer can come along and read their poems and stories on the Three Drops themes, and discuss what interests them in literature, myths and legends.


Kate lives in Sheffield, UK with her husband, children, and a cat named Mimi. Her website is




ISBN 978-1-910834-07-7


138 x 216mm


36 pages


£6.00 + P&P UK


PUB: 12th FEBRUARY 2016










These are poems of journeying, transformation, and growth, woven through with fairytale and myth, forest, sky and sea; they are elaborations of the dark times that make us look for light. This book is a place where love is never the same feeling twice, and neither is revenge.













“In The Density of Salt, Kate Garrett offers a vicious and unforgiving imagination; she also reveals her pride, regret, and curiosity – all important aspects of this collection. With attention to intimacy, honesty, and disappointment, these poems aren’t easy to remove yourself from.”

Rachel Nix


"The Density of Salt isn’t just a collection of carefully crafted and potent poems. In Kate’s world the fairy tale and the real dance together, and labyrinths of meaning pirouette from

heart-breaking image to joyful line break. The playfulness and charm woven through every page of this collection is a natural side effect of the unmistakable character of this writer’s voice – poignant, honest, and utterly seductive."

Steve Nash


“Kate Garrett’s poems present an unsettling mix of stark adult encounter and dark near-nostalgia. Within these are strands which speak of fairytale influence:  imagery of princesses, mattresses, dungeons, and midnight - but all with a slightly gothic twist. Mythic tales, too, provide inspiration, and add a further layer to the poems, all to powerful effect. Superb.”

Mab Jones

When I Think About Hans Christian Andersen


from this pile of detritus

cushioning our bodies

where we fuck,

where we laugh,

where we sleep –


instead of twenty mattresses

and feather beds,


I have duvets,

yoga mats, my old baby blanket.


There is no pea waiting there to test me

but sometimes I still detect the pinch

of 1991 in the hollow of my back:


its sting of ribbon-rainbowed

hair clips, missing guitar

picks, bottles of Opium

and Dior Poison on a walk-in

closet shelf –


inside I’d hide my knotted

hair and too-short jeans

curled into the scented dark

trying to imagine infinity.


She pushes up through

the sheets, into my skin,


your whispers drowned out

by the thud of a washing machine

spinning her clothes;


my sparrow hips threaten

collapse under the thought

of her missing collarbones,


her thick calves, asphyxiation

breasts, the delicate press of her fist,


and a fairytale blooming

in the scrape of her nails


against my cheek. Still,

let her try to prove I’m not a princess.



Kate amend

Community Review - Goodreads FEB 2016


'The Density of Salt takes you to the nether realms and the ether realms of the human heart. It is glimpses of those moments that can break a soul, but also those moments that define a soul's spark. There are myths and bits of darkness woven into this, and we are given the deck prism to peer into the sea of the heart...There is the child who escaped into other worlds to cope, and there is the woman who emerged, later, a goddess and a warrior.

"Years passed, I landed on my feet –

a scarred tigress, sweat brining

my hair, a flash of broken teeth

and claws snatching the caramel

song from her throat. "


These poems are heavy, but by the end you have a sense of buoyancy because sometimes there are victories in this world.'

Garrett Salt