ISBN 978-1-909357-99-0


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64 pages


PUB: SEPTEMBER 28th 2015


Cover design by JASON MILNER


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LMA Bauman-Milner was born in Ontario, Canada, and has lived in the UK since 1998, perfecting her study of all things British.


A life-long student, she switched to the other side of the desk in 2006, teaching secondary English for several years. Since leaving the profession, she has turned to writing to exorcise the demons in her head, and put faces to the fears.


Her first short story, ‘Mother’s Nature’ placed second in Toasted Cheese Online Journal’s Dead of Winter 2013 competition. ‘My Dad was Magic’, her eulogy for her father, was The Globe and Mail’s featured essay in June 2014.


In June 2015, she co-edited Inspiration: a Space for Words, an anthology of prose and poetry from authors throughout Yorkshire, published by Indigo Dreams.


She expects to graduate from the MA in Creative Writing course at Leeds Trinity University in December 2015 – fingers crossed!


She lives in West Yorkshire with her husband and son and two fractious cats.


Dark Doors is her debut collection.





LMA Bauman-Milner

“In this gloriously disturbing debut collection, LMA Bauman-Milner proves herself a mistress of the macabre. From the demonic to the demented, the ghostly to the ghastly, her stories take a scalpel to the physiological and psychological viscera of human (and inhuman) deviancy. Dark Doors will admit you to some dark places. Enter if you dare.”

Martyn Bedford


“LMA Bauman-Milner understands the power of a surprising realisation. These stories shift us further towards the strange and surreal with an intimate tone and highly imaginative use of imagery. A startling collection of tales, thrillingly uncanny and spun with linguistic zeal!” Heidi James


“LMA Bauman-Milner tells stories of skin and sinew, marrow and bone splinters. In Dark Doors she lays bare the beauty in the darkness.”

Steve Toase  



I will lead the way. I will keep you safe. Trust me...



This isn’t a joke. Behind these doors, demons without features rant and howl for flesh, hell-beasts snap and snarl at those who dare approach.


The hinges are coming loose under the battering, but take my hand and hold tight – I will lead the way. I will keep you safe.


Trust me…





Light and Dark


A Little Light-hearted Horror


Bone Sculptor


The Coat


The Show to End All Shows


Drive Time


This Vampire Sun


Bird's Eye


Jimmy Six


The Writer





Lynn Author Photo amend

The poet is transformed by words and her lyric voice soars from the stage. She speaks of heartache but she is beautiful, despite the blood pouring from the wound in her chest.

She gleams and glimmers and, in between the sparkles, there I am: cloaked creature, black ichor flowing in my veins. I graze through the darkness she discards. I pluck and pick and salvage the evil, turn it to my own design.


Without me her radiance would not be as bright. I scrabble in her shadow, collect nascent demons, and shush their cries. They are mine to tend, mine to heal, mine to reveal. Through them I terrify and teach, and make the light shine.


For every ray there is gloom, in all gold is black. From the darkest places, I show the fear of the world to the world. I am the witch and this is my season. I show you your demons, and will be thanked.