The Isle of Iona acts as the unifying thread for Veronica Aaronson’s collection which emphasise the importance of connecting with and appreciating nature to better understand ourselves. The opening theme, to which she returns, is the bee sting with which she arrives on the island, and implicit in her poems is both the nature of 'hive mind' and the metaphor of these endangered insects for our own times.


Veronica Aaronson lives in a quiet haven in South Devon. She started writing poetry for her grandchildren. She is the co-founder and one of the organisers of the Teignmouth Poetry Festival, runs open mic evenings in Teignmouth and produces ‘Pzazz’, a yearly magazine showcasing the work of local poets, which features as an event at the festival.



ISBN 978-1-910834-96-1
60 pages
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“Veronica Aaronson’s poems are lit with a deep luminosity – and numinosity. Striking in her delicate, passionate collection is her subtle juxtaposition of description of the natural world with human concerns, griefs and at times cruelties. A fine collection to which you will want to return.”
Roselle Angwin

“In Veronica Aaronson’s collection the human and natural world converge in accurate description, where empathy and wisdom emerge in equal measure. There is much beauty in the detail and her use of colour imagery in the poems can be astonishing. Her authentic observations of human character can transform a seemingly ordinary experience into something remarkable.”
Susan Taylor

Veronica Aaronson

Nothing About The Birds Is Ordinary This Morning