'The Bone That Sang explores what it means to be human in an imperfect world. A refugee sprints for his life. An at-risk child craves a baby. A one night stand goes hilariously wrong. A beloved mother-in-law takes a final spiritual journey. Booker’s voice is sharply original, full of stunning imagery and verbal surprises. Often packing a punch, she can also be tender, lyrical and witty. Here are stories of illuminating precision to inspire and challenge.


Claire Booker is a herbalist, poet and playwright living in Brighton. Her poetry has been filmed, set to music, displayed on buses, widely anthologised and published in magazines including Ambit, Magma, the Morning Star, Rialto, the Spectator and Stand. She’s won three Poetry Society Members' Poems competition, was commended in their Stanza Competition, and is a recipient of the Kathak International Literary Award. Claire has guested at many poetry events in the UK and Bangladesh.


ISBN 978-1-912876-39-6
36 pages
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Claire Booker

The Bone that Sang