Jane Lovell

The God of Lost Ways

The God of Lost Ways explores the dark and beautiful sides of nature that exist around us. A meditation on the bones and breath of the natural world and the edges that blur with our intrusion and involvement.


Jane Lovell is an award-winning poet whose work focuses on our relationship with the planet and its wildlife. She has been previously published by Seren, Night River Wood, Against the Grain Press and Coast to Coast to Coast. Jane also writes for Dark Mountain and Elementum Journal. She lives in Kent and is Writer-in-Residence at Rye Harbour Nature Reserve.



ISBN 978-1-912876-41-9
50 pages
£9.50 +P&P
“In view of its technical accomplishment, the assurance of voice, and especially the bold pursuit of difficult themes, it is astonishing to reflect that this is Lovell's first collection. The language is somehow spare and simple yet dazzlingly original. Lovell has issued a powerful manifesto both for the importance of nature and for herself as a major poet.”
Mark Cocker

Author and naturalist

“These poems are a series of hauntings. Sensory, porous, poignant in its truest sense, their painful, sudden beauty and physicality becomes embodied organically. As Seamus Heaney said, they come at you sideways, “and catch the heart off guard, and blow it open.” This is just what poetry should do. Lovell is a great poet, her lines capture all it means to be human, present and in touch with the wild.”
Miriam Darlington

Author of ‘Owl Sense’