From the Egyptian desert to the courts of Europe, via Tudor England and the White House, nuns, prostitutes, princesses and suffragettes speak to you. They are handed a megaphone by Rosemary Mitchell and Hannah Stone, who have redrafted their histories in poems and stories.

ISBN 978-1-912876-06-8
58 pages
£8.99 +P&P

Rosemary Mitchell & Hannah Stone

Holding up Half the Sky

‘In this ambitious and triumphant collection, Hannah Stone and Rosemary Mitchell ink the stories of women whose power has been blotted out of the history books to celebrate their small and dramatic rebellions. Sometimes the language honours the time periods in which they lived. At others, 21st Century diction brings home the relevance of these women’s lives with whom we ‘have far more in common than that which divides us.’
Becky Cherriman


A colourful pageant of historical females reveals its secret history in this fascinating work. These women are not quiet and decorous: they are earthy and unashamed. Stone and Mitchell have based their work on historical sources, breathing now life into them. The result is powerful and accomplished.’
Angela Topping


It is with great sadness that we make people aware that Rosemary Mitchell passed away very suddenly in 2021. We see this book as a beautiful part of her legacy.