Rufus Mufasa

Flashbacks & Flowers

 This is a coming of age story for every stage of your life. This is a survival guide. A message in a bottle. Testimony and time travel. Wild-Woman-Urbanised-Magik. Spiritual and sacrificial. Activism and ancestral. Ancient and on point.

ISBN 978-1-912876-50-1
100 pages
£11.50 +P&P


Rufus Mufasa is a pioneering participatory artist and queen of the cross-art. From Barbican Fellow to Future Generations Act Poet in Residence, Rufus has toured internationally with her craft. A Hull '19 artist in conjunction with BBC Contains Strong Language, Poet on Prescription with People Speak Up, and BASW Poet in Residence 2020, Rufus has developed huge personal resilience through her artistry. Her work honours ancestry, motherhood, the inner child and the people we meet on our path to peace.



‘An essential collection by one of Wales' finest wordsmiths.’
Llwyd Owen

‘Poetry deeply rooted in time & place & the journey through memory & motherhood. We are invited to resurrect our ‘wild-woman-magik’ & learn ‘new vocabulary, collectively.’
Ness Owen

‘She captures the power & rawness of her performance on the page, and then SUSTAINS IT! It's a beast of a book.’
Rhiannon Hooson

‘I've never seen such gentle fury, or battle scars made into such a thing of beauty.’
Dr Tom Attah