Shanta Acharya

What Survives is the Singing

Shanta Acharya’s seventh poetry collection, ‘What Survives Is The Singing’, reflects a profound receptivity to the world, revealing her richly textured and subtly balanced vision. With deep roots in two cultures, her finely crafted poems are meditations on the tragedy and triumph of being human – she is good at exploring its vulnerability and frailty as much as its beauty and potential for transformation. A vivid and sensitive way of getting to know ourselves, her poems insist on finding our place in the world.

ISBN 978-1-912876-21-1
82 pages
£9.99 +P&P


Born and brought up in Cuttack, India, Shanta Acharya was among the first batch of women admitted to Worcester College, Oxford, where she was awarded the Doctor of Philosophy for her work on Ralph Waldo Emerson. She was a Visiting Scholar in the Department of English and American Literature and Languages at Harvard University before moving to work in London. The author of eleven books, her publications range from poetry, literary criticism and fiction to finance. Imagine: New and Selected Poems (HarperCollins India) appeared in 2017.



“These poems take on our strange times unflinchingly,and show that they still offer scope for creativity, craft and lyricism, qualities that are now more necessary than ever. A courageous and multifaceted collection.”
Matthew Francis
(Praise for Imagine: New and Selected Poems – Shanta Acharya)
“Shanta Acharya is concerned with the big, often painful subjects – death and loss, love’s shortfalls, poverty and dispossession – but there are moments of humour and satire, and a rich aesthetic delight in the variousness of the world. Acharya’s poems are full of the pleasures of the unexpected.”
Carol Rumens