‘Owl Unbound’ examines nature and humanity in a wide range of settings; from a stag beetle on a suburban fence to fossils on a Somerset beach, from a Cotswold roofer “tiptoeing the thin laths” to a bag lady in Covent Garden “dancing at the amplifier's right hand”. Whilst there is tender joy and love in the collection, there is also anger and loss.


 Zoe Brooks worked with disadvantaged communities in London and East Oxford before returning to her native Gloucestershire to write and grow vegetables. Zoe has been widely published in print and online magazines and appeared in the anthology Grandchildren of Albion. Her long poem Fool's Paradise won the Electronic Publishing Industry Coalition award for best poetry eBook 2013.



ISBN 978-1-912876-36-5
60 pages
£9.50 +P&P
“Robert Frost described poetry as ‘a way of taking life by the throat’, and the fearless, vivid and immensely lyrical poems in Owl Unbound do just that. A masterful collection of poems by an extraordinary poet.”
Anna Saunders

“There are so many lines here that stick with me and continue to unfold. Language that is fresh and unexpected, that gives us that inner nod of recognition.”
Angela France

Zoe Brooks

Owl Unbound